You’ve made it! Welcome to my real estate blog.
Who I am & what I do is best outlined in the ‘about me’ section but I suspect you’re here mostly because you’d like to read about real estate matters. I trust you won’t be disappointed.
In my own pithy style, I endeavour to educate (while entertaining) on aspects of real estate not commonly discussed. I distill matters so that it’s clear what’s best for you, the reader; I’ll explain benefits you may not have considered, how to approach situations and underline what questions to pose. By reading, you will benefit from my wealth of experience, interpretations and unfiltered opinions… always worth a laugh. 
(Besides, my web development team tell me that producing relevant content is essential to lift my SEO ranking according to Google’s ever-changing search algorithms. So, if you’d like to learn, laugh and help me reach more people, please read on.)
I endeavour to post new content once or twice each month. If you have any questions, would like me to write about anything in particular or could benefit from my professional assistance, please email, text or DM me on social media. Genuinely, I do read and respond to every person who reaches out. Promise.

Real Estate Blog

Housing market

What’s Going On These Days?!

Merits Of The Hobo Lifestyle; Write Yourself Up A Sexy Spreadsheet

Condo building

Get your $h!t together and figure it out, already!

skyline of city

The price drop.

Old courthouse building London Ontario

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…


The Appraisal

Statement of Adjustments

Land transfer tax

Guide to Land Transfer Tax (LTT)

Advantages To Selling Before A Property Hits The Market

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