Homes For Sale in London, Ontario

Why buy a home in London, Ontario?

London, Ontario is the main city in Southwestern Ontario, with a population of around 400,000 people. It’s home to Western University and Fanshawe College and features a range of parks and greenways along the Thames River (featuring excellent bike paths), and activities, restaurants, museums, throughout the city. With so much to do, you are able to find historical, cultural and sporting activities year-round. Traditionally, London has featured all the amenities and benefits of larger metropolitan areas and has combined it neatly with a warm and safe community feel (and affordability) of a smaller city.

Tristan Squire-Smith is a  Real Estate Broker and experienced income property owner who was born and raised in London, Ontario. He is particularly well positioned to show you the perks of buying property in the Forest City. With Tristan’s help, unique knowledge and insights of the city, you are in good hands to find the home of your dreams.

Within this website, you can create your own profile and save your preferred search criteria. For example, search within your preferred neighborhoods, such as: Whiteoaks, Masonville, Downtown, Byron, Old North, and many more. Contact Tristan with any questions you may have or to get started today.
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