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One of the best aspects of London is that, as it has grown and diversified, the homes come in many different layouts and architectural styles. Across the city, different neighbourhoods represent a vast number of residential styles, from simple cottages to replications of classical architecture designs to modern buildings. You can find your dream home in the Forest City – all you need is the right guide!

Tristan Squire-Smith is a local expert with one goal: to help clients buy and sell homes! He starts by listening to you, the client, and understanding your budget, lifestyle, and goals. He wants to know your story, what you’re looking for, why you’re on the hunt for the perfect home, or why you’re selling. By truly understanding who you are as a property buyer, Tristan can better define your search to the style and neighbourhood that suits your needs. If you’re selling, he can put his knowledge of the area to work, getting you the most money on your home. 

London is a big city and growing more every day, but after knowing the goals and desires of his client, Tristan can focus on the listings with the most promise!

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