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A careful and detailed comparative market analysis (commonly known as “Looking at the comps”) is a necessary part of the due diligence process before placing a property on the market for sale. However, it isn’t as easy or as straightforward as you might imagine; markets are fluid, a neighbourhood’s desirability can fluctuate, what’s available changes quickly and the strategy of timing are all important factors that will have an impact.

You want to list your property at the appropriate price given its condition, location, size, amenities, etc. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to list at a price that is too high – this will deter potential buyers and result in very little interest as your listing grows stale (such a listing actually serves to help others sell their properties which look like much better value in comparison). Working with Tristan to determine your optimal timing and pricing strategy are but a few of the most profound value-adding services he offers.

Let’s do things correctly from the start. If you are thinking about putting your property up for sale – even if it isn’t for months away — please fill out the Appraisal request form, below. You will benefit from working with a trustworthy, licensed real estate professional. Besides, you can never be too prepared. It’s easy and knowing you’re working with someone will take a lot of the anxiety out of the process.

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