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The Declaration & Description

Anything to declare? Can you please describe it for me?

… where are we?! A border crossing?

(Ah, no. Crossing borders was something we did prior to 2019… unfortunately)

We’re talking about two more important documents relating to condo ownership: the Declaration and the Description.

Included as part of the Status Certificate (see my earlier blog about this document), the Declaration and Description each provide specific information about a condominium corporation.

Together, the Declaration and Description form the Constitution for the condo corp (and the development – the actual building(s). In addition to the detailed list below, they outline the number of board members, banking details and unit descriptions

The Declaration:
Contains both required and option info as per Condo act
Proportional share of common elements appurtenant to each unit
Proportional contribution of unit owners to common expenses
Common elements for designated units (exclusive use common elements), if applicable
Any conditions required by approving authority

The Description:
Contains series of plans, surveys and specifications describing the property and structures, together with certificates attesting to compliance and accuracy, for example:
Plan of survey
Architectural plans and certificate of architect
Unit boundaries
Unit shape, dimension and location
Structural plans/certificate of engineer
Certificate of Ontario land surveyor
All interests appurtenant to the land that is included in the property

An owner (or, future owner) should familiarize themselves with the Declaration and Description, rules and bylaws. Together, they will appear on the condo ownership and they affect permissible use of the property.

Stay tuned for the next blog post that discusses the condo’s:


Don’t miss the next post where I outline how the Declaration, bylaws and rules form the governing documents for the condo corp. I promise, it won’t be a snoozefest.

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